​​​+ Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring System
+ Hardinge CNC Machining Center, 40-Tool Tool Changer, 20"x40”
+ Haas Tool Room CNC Mill, Tool Changer, 12”x30”
+ Haas CNC Lathe, ST25Y, 4-Axis, Live Tools C-Axis & Y-Axis, Bar Feeder
+ Haas CNC Lathe, SL10, Bar Feeder
+ Haas VF2 CNC Mill, 25 Tool Changer, 16"x30"
+ Bridgeport Manual Mills, Fully Equipped
+ LeBlond Manual Lathe, 15"x60", Fully Equipped
+ LeBlond Manual Lathe, 19"x72", Fully Equipped
+ Proth Surface Grinder, 12"x 24"
+ 50 Ton Hydraulic Press
+ Small Tool Room Heat Treating Facility
+ Painting Facility
+ Fork Trucks, 5K and 10K Lift Capacity
+ MasterCAM 

We are equipped with everything required to produce quality machining to customers specifications.

6350 Inwood Drive

Columbus, IN  47201

ph: 812.342.0809


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